Yesterday, I led a grant writing workshop in conjunction with the Mina Rees Library here at the GC.  One of the participants asked, “Who is the intended user of The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs?”  To clarify:

— the ORSP is here to serve the entire research community of the GC which includes students, staff, and faculty

— we offer proposal development help in various forms (and editorial help whenever possible, as time allows)

— we consider helping students prepare competitive proposals and responsibly administer awards a core part of our mission (and of the students’ professional development)

— we are the authorized officials/agents who submit institutional grant proposals on behalf of scholars (for grants which cannot be granted to individuals)

— we have lots of institutional data and standard financial forms so if your proposal guidelines request info about the GC or the Research Foundation, chances are we have it or know where to get it.


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