What is the actual deadline?

Whenever a researcher approaches me for help with a grant proposal, my first question is always, “when is the deadline?” In truth, the researcher’s idea of the deadline is very seldom the actual deadline.  For most researchers, the final deadline is 2 minutes prior to the absolute cut-off time issued by the funding agency. For most… Read more »

Who do you serve?

Yesterday, I led a grant writing workshop in conjunction with the Mina Rees Library here at the GC.  One of the participants asked, “Who is the intended user of The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs?”  To clarify: — the ORSP is here to serve the entire research community of the GC which includes students, staff, and faculty… Read more »

Project or person? Which is more important to funders?

I find, that when I teach grant writing workshops to graduate students, the Q & A sessions are dynamic and informative to both students and to me.  As with any teaching, questions help instructors understand the needs of students, and whether or not the instructor is successful in getting their information across.  For my inaugural post, I have decided to structure this as sort… Read more »